Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

While most mothers are considering the best bottle for baby, you have chosen to take a different path. One that is full of challenges, but the rewards are sure to be worth all the time and effort you must put in. Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to create a new strong bond between you and your new baby. It takes a lot of time and work, a lot of late nights all on your own (no matter how much dad would like to help, this one is your own), and sometimes tears when things don’t work out.

bottle warmer baby Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

But there are a ton of benefits that come from breastfeeding. While many new mothers are aware of the benefits that come to their baby with breastfeeding, most are unaware about the benefits that they can receive from breastfeeding. Here are some of the breastfeeding benefits for mom and baby that you should consider when you begin breastfeeding.

For Baby

First, we will start with the baby. Usually the benefits to your baby are the main reasons you choose to breastfeed in the first place. You want to be the best mother possible and after lots of reading and talking to other mothers, you have decided that breastfeeding is the way to go. Some of the breastfeeding benefits your baby can enjoy include:

© Bonding time

The first benefit is the amount of time you get to spend with your new baby. Babies like the skin to skin contact that comes with being right next to mommy and when they can get right up and close, they feel secure and happy. While you can get this with bottle feeding as well, the bond seems so much stronger when it comes to breastfeeding.

© More nutrients

No matter how hard the formula manufacturers may try, they just can’t seem to make a formula that is as good as breastmilk. The issue here is that the breastmilk is designed for the needs of your particular baby. If your baby needs more or less of a nutrient, it will change to match these needs. No formula will ever be able to perform these tasks so breastmilk can keep your baby healthy.

© Exactly what they need

The milk you produce is going to give your baby exactly what they need. If they need some immune boosters, it will show up. If they need a bit more fat or vitamin A or something like this, the milk will do this. Your body knows what the baby needs and will produce exactly that.

© Fewer sickness

Babies who are breastfed are less likely to get sick. Many insurance companies have begun to realize this and are now offering pumps to make breast feeding easier on the mother and baby. This is because the baby is getting the immunity boosting nutrients that you do. If you get the flu shot or are fighting off an illness, the antibodies go to the baby and keep them healthier than formula fed babies.

For Mother

bottle babies Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and BabyThe benefits of breastfeeding don’t just extend to the baby. The new mother can get plenty of benefits as well, making this the perfect option for the new parent. Some of the breastfeeding benefits you can enjoy include:

© Bonding with baby

Just like the baby is able to able to enjoy some nice bonding time with mommy during breastfeeding, mommy will get some of this bonding time as well. Just sitting back and enjoy this whole experience can make the bonding easier for both of you and can even help your whole body to relax.

© Weight loss

Mothers who breastfeed are more likely to get back to their pre pregnancy weight faster. This is because breastfeeding is healthier and can help you to burn more calories faster than just dieting and exercise alone. It is safe and all natural and can even help you to feel better about yourself.

© Body returning to normal

After you give birth, your body is slowly going to get back into its shape. The uterus moved quite a bit and now needs to get back to normal. While this can happen on its own, breastfeeding can make this process happen faster and with fewer complications. You can help this get along just by breastfeeding; no other steps are needed.

© Less risk of cancer

Some studies have shown that breastfeeding can help to reduce the risk of cancer in most women. The exact reason is unknown, but it may have to do with helping your body to get back in shape after having a baby.
Even if you choose to breastfeed, you may still want to take some time to pick out the best bottle for baby. Sometimes breastfeeding is difficult and taking the time to have a bottle on hand for formula or for backup milk can take some of the pressure off and make this a more relaxing experience.